French society should take responsibility for its role in attacks

1-12-2015 12-23-38 AM

“He seems to be the prototype of the young, disengaged French Muslim who suffers from this sense of alienation, and then comes (to support an) ideology that makes him feel important, clear-cut and gives him purpose and orientation.” – said Peter Neumann, director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College London.

This is an example of white people not taking responsibility for their actions in persecuting religious and ethnic “minorities”. It is the same in the USA where rather than take responsibility for cops killing hundreds of unarmed people every year, mainly non-white people, failures to prosecute and convict them (cops), massive unemployment hidden by fudging the numbers and the continued massive enslavement of certain groups mainly through the drug war, the defenders of racism and white supremacy want to reduce the killing of NYPD cops to a crazy lone gunman. This is a total denial of well known issues. Same thing with Christopher Dorner, the former cop who killed cops, what policy changes or society changes have been implemented to address what he said was a systemic problem in policing in America. Nothing substantive was done, more people were killed and brutalized, tens of thousands participated in protest and demonstrations and all that has been proposed is body cameras and a task force headed by a career corrupt cop appointed by a President who signs off on extra-judicial killings around the world. Now we have the nations largest police union asking Congress for hate crimes protection for cops when it is the cops who are committing the hate crime of racial profiling on a massive scale.

The French ruling class has consistently attacked Muslims with their media propaganda failing to afford them the same hate speech protections that they have afforded to Jews and then they act as if these young people’s “sense of alienation” is not valid. It is not Islam that is radicalizing youth; it is systemic racism and religious bigotry and society’s refusal or cowardice to confront its biases.

The great slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass said over one hundred years ago that when people in a group feel like there is a societal conspiracy by the dominate group to oppress, degrade and rob them that neither property nor persons will be safe.

If you want to reduce violence in the world, then white society and their non-white proxies in government are going to have to stop practicing institutional cultural racism and religious bigotry. If you defend racists and bigots like Charlie Hebdo around some supposed right to demonize groups lending to the oppression of people, then you are not serious about implementing a system of justice and you are not interested in making society more civil and therefore more peaceful. You are in fact a major part of the problem.

The increasingly radicalized youth of today see the hypocrisy plain as day and feel the brunt of the oppression and they have no faith in society to stop it. They are left with a feeling of hopelessness and alienation and will strike out at those participating in their oppression. If the world wants peace, it should halt all state sponsored terrorism of non-white populations around the world. If these three young men killed twelve people and are considered terrorists, what does that make George Bush and Dick Cheney who lied America into a war with Iraq that has led to the killing of over one million Iraqis and almost a decade of instability for their country.

Speaking of Bush and Cheney, neither man has been charged with the torture of hundreds of people in the CIA torture program, a crime the entire world knows they committed. This failure to prosecute high level officials is just the sort of thing that causes the radicalization of affected groups. Hero worshipping the racists and bigots of Charlie Hebdo also leads to the radicalization of youth. When the world is serious about addressing its issued of global injustice, the youth will listen

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5 Replies to “French society should take responsibility for its role in attacks”

  1. “The French ruling class has consistently attacked Muslims with their media propaganda failing to afford them the same hate speech protections that they have afforded to Jews and then they act as if these young people’s “sense of alienation” is not valid. It is not Islam that is radicalizing youth; it is systemic racism and religious bigotry and society’s refusal or cowardice to confront its biases.” —I’ve said this MANY times, and the response I get. “Oh, you hate Jews.” And who says this? A WHITE JEW says this crap! Acting as if there are NON-WHITE Jews on the planet!

    And another thing I noticed of people who support this Hebdo crap and say “It’s my right! My freedom of expression.” They tend to be broke and have few to little assets to lose so they act as if their last possession is to be able to be a racist without any consequence! 😛

    And I recommend this video.

  2. Great article. It was important that you pointed out the hypocrisy of the Ima (inbred mutant albino / white) population. Charlie Hebado is a racist publication. However, your approach in the end will have African people going in circles. Are African youth and adults alienated? Yes. Is there a purpose to this alienation? Yes.

    Nonetheless, Dr. Amos N. Wilson speaks about this fluidly. African people focused on the destruction of the Ima power structure should listen to him. The only way for Africans to have healthy individuals, male and female relationships, children, lifestyles is to mount an unified ideological and physical attack against the inbred mutant albinos hegemonic system so that it can be destroyed.

    Anything else is feeble. Checkout the way

    Also, Fredrick Douglas was not African / Black. This type of thinking is a major reason why you have African youth feeling alienated.

    1. I never described the ethnicity of Frederick Douglass and since we have photos of the man I do not know how you can claim he was not Black. Besides, I described him as “great slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass”, never wrote a word about his race or ethnicity and regardless of that, the words ring true and apply to what I am discussing, the oppression of racial and religious groups. “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” – Frederick Douglass

      Thanks for contributing to the dialogue.

      1. A persons ethnicity has nothing to do with the “race” they belong to. Furthermore, an African person could be a Zulu or Ashante. Those ethnicities do not negate the fact that they are African.

        Nonetheless, by looking at your picture I can see why you would think Fredrick Douglas was African / Black when he was not. Fredrick’s skin color does not lie within the color spectrum of an African (brown to black), and Douglas does not have African textured hair.

        Nevertheless, why is this site called Black talk radio when you are obviously not African / Black? I don’t mean to offend you but don’t you find that odd?

        Please! Don’t respond by telling me because the white man said so.

        1. What does your comment have to do with the article, the point being made about Freedom of Speech, the point Douglass makes about oppression, again, his ethnicity, race, color, creed has nothing to do with the quote. Why are you trying to make it about such? I do not have to justify my right to self determination and identification to you or anyone else. If you got problem with the word Black or anything else on this site you can choose to stay off it. Thank you for your contribution to dialog.

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