Political Prisoner Radio – Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen Wayland Gray’s criminal convictions overturned

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Tonight we welcome back to the program Wayland Gray, a Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen who was arrested by Poarch Band of Creek tribal police for attempting to pray at the sacred Hickory Ground ceremonial site. Gray and others were also protesting the Poarch Band of Creek tribe‘s decision to dig up 60 sets of Muscogee ancestors while expanding a $246 million casino.  A District Court judge found Wayland guilty so he opted for a trial by jury to right his wrongful convictions of disorderly conduct and misdemeanor criminal trespassing that came about when he tried to pray for his ancestors at the sacred Hickory Ground ceremonial site two years ago.

In a similar story concerning oppressed indigenous people, Hawaiians held a protest against the theft of their nation by the United States of America.

“It’s about time the US goes back to its own country. Act 359 gives us our right to choose which government to acknowledge as Kanaka Maoli. President Clinton apologized for the injustices done to my people via Public Law 103-150 President Cleveland founded the US guilty & demanded recourse in the Blount Reports. All evidence proves that we are NOT legally a state and that the same US who commits genocide against 564+ Red Nations & African-Americans unto this very day continues to violate my kingdom.” – Kahala Lei Azuma Maui

We also will share some the latest news and upcoming events concerning political prisoners.

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