Political Prisoner Radio – Sekou Odinga, Sundiata Acoli & Albert Woodfox

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Join us on Political Prisoner Radio as we discuss the latest news and events concerning Political Prisoners and Prisoner’s of War against those who have dared to struggle against injustice, racism and American imperialism.

Sister Dequi Kioni-Sadiki will join us briefly to discuss an upcoming event hosted by The Sekou Odinga Defense Committee and The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home where recently released former political prisoner Sekou Odinga will give the keynote address.

New Jersey’s Supreme Court has stopped the parole of Sundiata Acoli along with Assata Shakur survived an assassination attempt by New Jersey state troopers in an alleged traffic stop over a broken taillight. The lower courts had ordered Mr. Acoli’s release after serving over 30 years for killing Werner Foerster, which he maintains he did not do because after being grazed by a bullet from one of the troopers he passed out. Also killed was Zayd Shakur who was riding in the car with Sundiata Acoli and Assata Shakur who was seriously injured in the assassination attempt. The US government is still trying to press the Cuban government for the return of Assata Shakur who escaped prison in 1979 and made her way to Cuba where Fidel Castro granted her political asylum.

One of the last remaining members of the political prisoners known as the Angola 3 may be released soon according to a Feb 6th, 2015 A3 Newsletter which states,

This afternoon Albert’s legal team submitted an application to US District Court Judge James A. Brady for release on bail with expedited review (View the court filing here).

This month marks 2 years since Albert’s conviction was overturned for a third time based on a finding of racial discrimination in the selection of his grand jury foreperson, a decision now firmly upheld by a unanimous panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Though the Attorney General may continue to stand in the way of justice and appeal yet again to the US Supreme Court and/or attempt to retry him, Albert’s attorneys argue that there is no legal or moral justification to hold him in prison any longer, nor any reason to believe the State of Louisiana could succeed in reconvicting him in a fair proceeding.

In a moving petition, they detail not just the legal underpinnings of freeing those wrongfully convicted, but also the deeply flawed legal processes that have resulted in this innocent man spending an unconscionable 4 decades in a solitary cell.  As they point out, “the State has now had not just one but two chances to convict Mr. Woodfox at a trial that passes constitutional muster, and failed.”

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