Dead Dallas Cop Larry Tuttle liked to beat on women

2-11-2015 12-36-38 AM

By Scotty Reid

Despite the Dallas Police Association‘s social media post calling dead Dallas Officer Larry Tuttle a “great officer”, apparently Tuttle liked to beat on women and beat on the wrong one who killed him before taking her own life.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that US military veteran Otto Machelle Thomas called 911 to report that she had shot and killed Tuttle before he could hit her again. Unfortunately Thomas, an American hero, took her own life after taking that of her abuser.

Otto Machelle Thomas, 42, called 911 about 6:15 p.m. from Officer Larry Tuttle’s apartment in the 9700 block of Forest Lane to report she had just committed murder, Assistant Chief Randy Blankenbaker said.

Blankenbaker said Thomas told 911, “He was getting ready to hit me again and I just went off. I killed him because he was going to hit me again.”

Thomas said that Tuttle had been her boyfriend and that she needed someone to come get her 6-year-old daughter, he said.

Tuttle who was married, was separated from his wife but not yet divorced apparently was sharing his apartment with Thomas when he was killed. It is not known at this time if Tuttle ever physically abused his estranged wife and possibly the reason for the separation.

The failure of the Dallas Police Union to acknowledge that he was a woman beater in calling him a “great police officer” points to the blue wall of silence, the no snitching gangland rule cops adhere to. In fact, cops beat their wives and girlfriends at twice the national rates for domestic violence. The figure could be much higher since experts say that most domestic victims who suffer at the hands of cops are afraid to come forward and report it and those who do are treated badly.

One thing is for certain, Tuttle will never put his hands on another woman.

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4 Replies to “Dead Dallas Cop Larry Tuttle liked to beat on women”

  1. Obviously the author of this article is very biased against police officers. I never once read that there were any proof that he beat anyone. One of more intriguing statements were this one

     It is not known at this time if Tuttle ever physically abused his estranged wife and possibly the reason for the separation.

    It appears to be just an opinion of some idiot

    1. You seem to have a bias against battered women, why would this woman lie to the dispatcher and then shoot herself? Facts are that cops engage in domestic violence at twice the national rate so yes, there is evidence that this asshole beat this woman.

      1. People, my name is Lester Woods
        Otto Thomas was my sister. I feel very sad and hurt for both families. With an artistic child left behind , this is a very sad and tragic situation for both families . My prayers goes out to everyone. There are no winners here. God bless you all.

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