The C.O.W.S. “Interracial Relationships Are SADD:” Ashlyn Sullivan

Wednesday, February 11th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Ashlyn Sullivan. Sullivan is a White Woman, and a student at Butler Community College in Kansas. She launched a web frenzy with her blog post detailing how White men catcalled and harassed her as she worked. She eventually brandished a photograph of her black “boyfriend” – sexual partner. The White males called him a nigger and continued their abuse. Ashlyn Sullivan’s blog post incited more White Terrorism – Whites made death threats, branded her a nigger lover. She was featured on local television outlets and branded a hero, a modern Jane Brown. We’ll inquire about her understanding of Racism, being White. We’ll see how her family has responded to these incidents and if she’s ever been accused of practicing Racism.


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4 Replies to “The C.O.W.S. “Interracial Relationships Are SADD:” Ashlyn Sullivan”

  1. I really feel sorry for the brother. Perhaps one day he’ll wake up, but some non-white (Blacks) like being white peoples sex objects and slaves. Ashlyn likes her black slave. When are black people ever going to wake up and stay away from the most horrible people on the planet? It shows how brainwashed, terrorized and sick a black person is who dates, has sex or marries any white. I suppose it shows the power of the global system of racism white supremacy. Most black people are in the dead zone and believe in all the religious fairy tales about Jesus Christ… love everybody hoopla. The best thing to do is STAY away from whites cause they are not human. Their history of global terror shows who they truly are..serial killerzz! Blacks need to love self and other blacks and nobody else.

  2. Why is it necessary to describe Ashlyn’s partner as her “boyfriend” – sexual partner? This really reduces the value of their relationship to something that is only physical, rather than something deeply connected, emotionally significant and meaningful.

    1. Sexual arrangements between Whites and non-white people are not “deeply connected,” constructive or even honest. Whites in these situations are not truthful about their own Racism or the Racism they regularly observe from other Whites including their own family members. These Tragic Arrangements confound non-white people’s ability to understand Racism and what it means to be White; “interracial relationships” should be devalued, avoided and correctly understood as another means for Whites to maintain and practice Racism.

  3. Awesome show, lots of listener participation. I always learn a little bit more about the institution of racism and how it relates to White Supremacy every time I listen to your show. This show is a must for all those who think they know what racism is. This show has elevated my level of thinking where as I can identify
    when white people are using their White Supremacy on me. I could never have identified this as so, until I started listening to your show.

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