Did Lee Daniels just call Black people homophobic niggers?

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Gay kissing scene from Fox tv series Empire and director Lee Daniels with his boyfriend Jahil Fisher.

By Scotty Reid

Niggercontemptuous term used to refer to a person of any racial or ethnic origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

Apparently proxy racist tool and movie director Lee Daniels was so angry that a test audience that most have included only Black people, did not like a same sex kissing scene in his Fox television series Empire that he went on a rant where he basically called Black people a bunch of homophobic niggers.

The Reel Network reports,

‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels wasn’t too happy with the test audiences that disapproved of 2 men smooching onscreen.  After actor Jussie Smollett (Jamal) kissed his onscreen boyfriend Rafael de La Fuente (Michael) in an intimate scene, Washington Post entertainment reporter Cecilia Kang reported that the ratings “plummeted.”

“The test audiences they showed this to…the ratings plummeted,” Kang said. “They did not like that scene at all.”

The 55 year-old director calls the Black race insulting and ignorant, asserting that Blacks are the only ones who have a problem with two men kissing onscreen.  Little does he know that there is an opposition and disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle in all races and nationalities.

Huffington Post writer Curtis M. Wong seems to agree with Daniels that homophobia exists in the Black community and praised Daniels for not pulling the scene writing for HuffPo, 

But much to the show’s creators’ credit, they refused to remove the scene.”

I have to say that if the Black community is the target audience for the program Empire and if that test audience was only Black people and the ratings plummeted during this scene and Daniels and the program’s creators decided to press forward with it any way, then it lends credence to those that suggest Hollywood and Daniels are trying to force homosexuality down the Black community’s throat, no pun intended. 

As the editors over at the The Reel Network noted, “there is an opposition and disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle in all races and nationalities”.

However, I would not say that the test audiences turning off the TV during the scene equates to homophobia. Perhaps the audience was made up of people who did not want to watch two men making out because they would prefer to see two women making out or maybe they felt the scene was too graphic for their taste or maybe they do not approve of interracial relationships or maybe they were all lesbians who changed the channel during this all male make out session or maybe they were Black females who could not bear to watch another white person taking a Black man off the dating/mating market. Who can say definitively either way without polling those in the test audience? 

I find these attacks on the black community to be contemptible, unsubstantiated, racist and ignorant. Are straight men or women homophobic simply because they do not want to watch gay porn? For all anyone knows, they may have same gender loving best friends but just move to a different beat sexually. I’m also sure the entire Black community was not part of the Empire test audience.

Lee Daniels owes the Black community an apology but since most of his work consists of promoting black stereotypes, I suggest Black people quit watching the program period. If boycotting his work over Precious and The Butler was not enough, perhaps the entire community being labeled by Daniels as a bunch of homophobic niggers will do the trick.

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13 Replies to “Did Lee Daniels just call Black people homophobic niggers?”

  1. Some comments here seems to confirm that view, but he’s wrong in that the homophobia is not a problem of race, but cultural. It might be linked to the ratio of religious people. But that’s actually unfair, if you think someone is homophobe, to bring up his/her race. At most one can appeal to the fact that both are victim of discrimination.

  2. Same old garbage. Sodomites can’t get their abominations pushed down the throats of those who think from a more “natural” perspective. I like Dice’s line: You want rights, I’ll give you rights; ten percent off a jar of Vaseline, now get the f**k back in the closet!”(from the album “Dice” 1989)

  3. I’d say he’s right on target with his comments. Too hard to hear? Where there is defensive behavior there is usually guilt.

    1. That is one the most illogical conclusion I’ve heard yet. So every person who defends themselves in a court against charges is guilty because they are defending themselves…lol..yeah, you stick with that.

    2. Please help me, but are most sodomites that shallow and thin skinned that no one is allowed to disagree with them? Almost sounds like obama.

      1. That’s because anyone who disagrees with open homosexuality is no better than Hitler. Personally, I’m fucking sick and tired of seeing heterosexual sex shoved down our throats not only on TV, but in movies, books, music, and pictures and practically everywhere. It’s fucking disgusting. Stop it you fucking breeders, just fucking STOP IT!!

        Jamal is a fucking hero and so is Lee Daniels. There will be plenty more out loud and proud gay black men on your TV kissing other gay black men, and doing more than that, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. If you boycott these shows, that’ll prove you’re a homophobe.

  4. Indeed he owes an apology. The purpose of doing the audience test is to find out if YOUR material wins or loses with the audience. If Daniels is not mature enough to handle the answer, then he needs to STOP doing test audiences. Simple.

  5. This guy has a problem with just being black, period. Yes,
    he does owe the African American community an apology.

      1. Uh, no, he is comfortable in his identity as a gay man and as a man. He owes no one everything. Black heterosexuals are an oppressor class because of the way they treat gays of all races, including but not limited to black gays, so it is YOU who owes not only Lee Daniels an apology but the entire gay community.

        1. Do you generalize much? So you come on a black network spouting nonsense and trash accusing all black people of being “homophobic”. You sound quite Blackaphobic to me and the same gender loving black community has reported racism among white homosexuals. You sound like a suspected racist gay Hitler.

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