The Abolitionist’s Daily – It’s Rapid Fire Friday!


Time: 11:00AM EST
Phone: 1-712-775-7035 Access Code: 367526#, if you would like to speak to the host hit star 6 and 1 to once you call in.
Radio Station: Black Talk Radio Network

The Abolitionist’s Daily was created so that we could deliver more and more news to you, every day. We started this program because there are too many stories that we never had time enough to share on the once a week broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio.

Well, 2-hours each day, 4 news stories per day is STILL not quite making a dent. So on Fridays we’ll have a rapid fire session, where we will cover as many stories as we can- we’ll give 5 minutes for each story, and give you plenty of material to study over the weekend.

Its a faster pace, there’s a lot of links, so bring your pen and pad- it’s gonna be massive.

We’re exposing modern day slavery.

Become a New Abolitionists and help us educate and agitate for an end to 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking. Join us on Facebook at Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery!

Sign the petition supporting the REDEEM ACT which is bi-partisan legislation introduced by Senator Rand Paul and Senator Corey Booker that would end life time punishment of people convicted of non-violent crimes.


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