The Abolitionist’s Daily – Slave Revolt On A Texas Plantation!

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As news broke over the weekend of an inmate uprising at the Willacy County Correctional Center, the first thought in my abolitionist mind was, “is this the revolution we’ve been warning you was coming?” Willacy is an MTC owned and operated private prison with a long history of abuse and neglect- and inmates are fighting for proper medical care, in a familiar cry that has emanated from literally every corner of the country.

More bad news from New York- Riker’s Island in particular, as new reports of continued abuse of inmates, at the hands…and boots and batons, etc. of correctional officers- even in the light of looming Federal investigation, and after firings and restructuring the staff. It seems that none of it matters, as there were over 4,000 use of force incidents reported in 2014 alone.

In an interview that is considered to be a “bombshell”, the website The D.C. Post launched a story of rampant corruption throughout several police agencies, as they found cops on a law enforcement message board bragging about various ways that they plant evidence on innocent individuals.

Finally, in a report by the ACLU titled, “Locked In The Past”, the advocacy group shows how state to state- the county jails are expected to be a psych evaluation facility, an emergency room, and a drug rehab- all in one. Even Montana is in on the modern day slave trade- collecting dollars to keep people in custody.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is Akai Gurley, shot by a rookie cop in NYC’s “Pink Houses” projects, while totally innocent, and unarmed.

Our Abolitionist of the Day is Soffiyah Elijah, Executive Director of the COrrectional Association of New York.


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