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Florida Sen. Greg Evers, chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee said he has received a series of letters from worried employees at the Florida Department of Corrections. While he maintains that the communications are completely unsolicited, he has indicated that he may have some of these individuals come to speak under oath about the corrupt officers, inhumane living conditions, how they are being coached to answer on employee surveys, and an overall atmosphere in which anyone faces retaliation if they speak up about allegations of agency corruption.

Corizon is in the headlines again, as the Jails Action Coalition names them and their rampant abuses in a press conference recently. The JAC has been investigating the abuses and deaths at Riker’s Island in particular. With over 4,700 “use of force” incidents in 2014 alone, plus several deaths in custody, they want the public to get behind making changes at the notoriously brutal city jail.
In a follow up to the story of the first ever trial of corrections officers in the state of New York’s history, we’ll tell you how Sgt. Sean Warner, Officer Keith Swack and Officer Matthew Rademacher managed to avoid their possible 8 to 25 year sentences and plead out to misdemeanor offenses.
We will discuss the precedent America has set with “family detention” of illegal immigrants into this country. Mothers with children, seeking asylum are worth big dollars to private prison corporations- both from the Feds, as well as contracting out their labor to Wall Street firms. Slave labor is the first thing many of these people learn about the American Dream.
Our Unexplainable Black Death profile is Alexander “aj” Marion.
The Abolitionist in Profile for today is Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.
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