The Abolitionist’s Daily – All Slaves Don’t Survive Capture, and Alabama’s Convict Leasing Origins

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March 23, 2015

In yet another explosive series of revelations, The Guardian newspaper says that non-reporting and the shear numbers of police agencies across America (over 18,000) is behind the reality that at least half of all murders committed by law enforcement never become a matter of public record. Ultimately police killed twice as many people as reported by the US government, as we find out the FBI count of ‘justifiable homicides’ omits 545 people per year.

In a follow-up to that report, we’ll also address how over 500 black and Asian deaths in custody have led to basically no criminal consequences for anyone who has been charged with their care. Of all those who died in suspicious circumstances while in state detention over the past 24 years, not a single official has been successfully prosecuted.

We’re also going to look into the case of Glenn Ford, a man who had 30 years of his life stolen by the state Louisiana. Now the state is fighting him over minimum compensation for the years that were stolen- and as a side note, the former prosecutor who orchestrated his demise, putting the man on death row, is now making headlines for admitting that at the time of the case, he was only interested in convictions..not justice.

In our final news segment, we head back into the ICE/immigration detention arena, and take a look at a report from the Asian Law Caucus, which discusses details of how the Constitution is being violated in these arrests and detention mandates. From the Fourth Amendment, to the Tenth, and we know very well the Eight.. all just to take advantage of that damned 13th.

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