Black Talk Radio News – Safe spaces for non-white people is not a new concept

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3/24/2015 Open lines and war reports from behind what we call enemy lines. Independent field reports are strongly encouraged.

Aeman Ansari is a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University which is one of the largest universities in Canada. Apparently, racism and white supremacy is having a huge psychological impact on non-white students at Ryerson. This has led to non-white students creating safe spaces and excluding white people.  Ms. Ansari wrote about an event that took place a week or so ago where two white students were not allowed to enter a “safe space” where non-white students had gathered to discuss systemic racism and its impact on them personally. The event was sponsored by the Racialised Students Collective. RWS is a global system!

President Obama is being accused of violating the Constitution, what else is new, by conservatives. However, the DOJ may be on the right side of the First Amendment as it continues to argue and uphold the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s decision last year to strip the NFL Washington football team of protections for the its use of the racist term “Red Skins”.  Outlets like the Washington Times is blasting President Obama with emotionalism about defending racism white supremacy in speech.

Yesterday we reported on the Philadelphia DA’s office declining to press charges or release the video of a Philadelphia police officer shooting Brandon Tate-Brown in the back of the head. The DOJ of Justice just recently issued a report stating that Philly cops need better training. Philly Cops have reportedly been involved in 394 shootings since 2007. The DOJ’s report also said there was no evidence of systemic racism proving the effectiveness of the system using proxy racist non-white tools to victimize non-white people.

There is No Law & Order in Arizona as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to oppress non-white people and violate their human rights, practicing racism with no accountability and nothing more than stern lectures from the federal courts. Again, we ask where are the criminal prosecutions for any number of known crimes of people in power like Sheriff Arpaio?

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