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March 25, 2015

In a continued effort to give abolitionists and activists the tools they need, today we give you an information blast. Compiled from several reports of leading coalitions all around the country- The Abolitionist’s Daily doesn’t have to give opinion on the situation of modern day slavery- we will lay out the facts.

Standing in solidarity with the Free Alabama Movement, we will share with you their latest communication, and call to action. Targeted boycotts and blasting the mainstream with critical information.

We go back to Florida to check on their progress, as they are trying to pass a bill which creates greater oversight of one of the worst, and definitely most deadly Departments of Correction in America.

While we’re in Florida, we take a look at Jeb Bush. We know that Sen. Ted Cruz just announced his candidacy, and we know Jeb is eyeing the prize as well. The race is beginning to take shape, and we have a few things we want to remind you of, to help make sure the issues in Florida make their way to the national stage.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is James Perez

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