Black Talk Radio News – Racism is at heart of Republican betrayal in favor of Netanyahu

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Tune in for the day’s news and war reports from Battlefield America. There is a lot to  discuss in Politics which is the one people activity that can impact all other eight areas in the “The 9 Areas of People Activity” as defined by Neely Fuller.

URGENT- MEDICAL ACTION ALERT From Prison Radio on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Of course, racism and white supremacy is the primary culprit as the main source of all problems currently known to the planet. The racial hostilities towards Obama have reached new heights and driven racist suspects to commit acts of treason against their own government.  Some of those guilty of these seditious acts hold so-called high political office. This is further evidence to show the extreme lawlessness that exist in America and how there really is no “law & order” in the land.

Republican House Majority leader John Boehner is planning to speak in Israel. He was invited by the racist white supremacist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to further undermine the Obama administration’s attempts at a peaceful resolution with the Iranian’s over their right to develop nuclear energy sources in their country. Of course being the only nuclear-armed nation in the region, Israel is seeking to maintain white supremacy in the region and of course attempting to against any thing that might take away their military advantage and continued racial dominance of Arab and other non-white people.

Boehner’s planned trip to Israel follows his breaking normal protocols in inviting and then allowing a foreign head of state to hold court in Congress for the sole purpose of undermining the Executive Branch just ahead of that foreign government’s election. These are unprecedented acts by elected officials and since Barack Obama is recognized as the first Black president, logically we can conclude racism is the prime motivator for these extreme political and criminal acts.

The letter recently sent by Republicans in Congress to the Iranian government during the ongoing negotiations clearly had the intent to undermine the Obama administration and many have called it treasonous. All of this recent coordinated activity on behalf of a foreign government points to a Republican strategy to undermine one third of the US government. Let us not forget Israel was spying on the US government during its negotiations and feeding some of the Intel to Republicans.  Yet the Republicans hypocritically levy charges at Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for taking tens of millions in donations from nations with very poor human rights records.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, speculation is that she will officially announce her 2016 campaign to become CEO of U.S.A INC. Some are saying that she can not afford to allow questions and criticism involving her email scandal and of course taking money from brutal governments for the Clinton foundation.

This news and possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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