2015 Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 Issue 2

Reverse racism event sees “disappointing attendance

The RSU held a reverse racism workshop Tuesday afternoon in response to controversy over the Ryersonian’s story earlier this month regarding two white students being asked to leave a racialized student’s collective meeting. The Ryersonian article, which made headlines across Canada and even in the U.S., caused many to complain that the the white students being barred from the meeting was an example of reverse racism. Read more…

Kansas House panel takes up complaint against KCK lawmaker for racism accusation

Kansas lawmakers on Wednesday opened an investigation into racially charged remarks made by a Wyandotte County lawmaker during a committee hearing on an immigration bill last month. Democratic Rep. Valdenia Winn referred to the bill’s supporters as “racist bigots” who were employing “Jim Crow tactics” to turn back time. Read More…

A prisoner got 3 Bucknell students expelled after he complained about a racist radio broadcast

The most bizarre element of the Bucknell story is that it took a prisoner who happened to be listening to report the students’ racist rants to the university. Read More…

Indigenous Guatemalan Olympian accuses DJ of racism

History making Olympic athlete Erick Barrondo, an indigenous Guatemalan, spoke out against racism Wednesday after a radio DJ posted a picture of him on Twitter alongside comments that he deemed offensive. The DJ, Julio Reyes, tweeted an image of the London 2012 silver medalist with the question: “Would you like peanuts, cashews or beans?” — an apparent reference to the thousands of indigenous Guatemalans who scrape out a living selling such snacks. Read More…

Welcome to our cowardly new world order

Winnipeg, Canada – What’s worse than a racist Facebook page? One that’s been set up as part of an ongoing attempt to cyberbully and smear a young woman. That, with a few hours of hindsight and a bit of reporting, is essentially at the core of Wednesday morning’s media hubbub about the Facebook page called Aboriginals Need To Get A Job And Stop Using Our Tax Dollars. The page, which included a bunch of predictably racist vitriol, was set up in December but caught fire on social media Tuesday night. Read More

Noose found hanging at Duke University two weeks after racist incident

Duke University students found a noose hanging from a tree along the school’s main thoroughfare early on Wednesday morning, rattling the campus less than two weeks after a black student was allegedly taunted by white students singing a racist chant. Police removed the noose, made of yellow string, from a tree in Bryan Center Plaza around 2.45am. A spokesman for the department said police were still gathering information on the case. Read More…

Student politician in Montreal files complaint over racist, sexist Facebook chat

Canada – When Mei-Ling (not her real name) campaigned and won a position on the executive of Concordia University’s largest student faculty association in the spring of 2013, she had just turned 20 and was full of optimism about what she could accomplish as a student leader. But after a few weeks in the position, Mei-Ling began to encounter what she describes as a toxic environment, fuelled mainly by two male members of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA). “They made blatant sexist and racially discriminatory remarks, and if you didn’t laugh, or if you showed your uneasiness, they would just make you feel worse,” she said. Read More.. 

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