The Abolitionist’s Daily – How Slavery Is Destroying America

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April 8, 2015

America and its corporations are behind the sale of humans, the vagrancy laws, the continued enslavement of individuals during WWII- and they obviously keep slavery alive and well today.

The most recent public lynching, with a North Charleston, SC cop caught on video shooting a black man in his back several times as he attempts to run away, is just another, in a long uninterrupted line of highly publicized lynchings that make up pop culture in AmeriKKKa.

More news and headlines from the abolitionist war front.

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One Reply to “The Abolitionist’s Daily – How Slavery Is Destroying America”

  1. Ask and it shall be given unto you.
    Seek and ye shall find
    Knock and the door shall open

    The ASK method. Excellent play on words!!!!

    You said something so poetic ” The earth is calling for……. please fill
    in the rest. I could not go to the archive to review the statement because
    the show was just aired.

    You ask the question whether you will be remembered if you would were
    to suddenly die. You stated that you think that you would not. I beg to differ.

    Were you being sincere or looking for sympathy?

    That questioned alarmed me, I never heard a host of a show say
    that before.

    Nevertheless Yohanan Eliyah, your listeners would miss you.

    Thus far you have left such a plethora of information since you been on the The Abolitionist Daily Show that it is overwhelming. You have given us websites, alerts, to subscribe to. All one has to do to know who and what you were about is go to your archives and they will learn.

    We are remembered by what we leave behind and believe you me, if you
    did die suddenly, one would have a pretty good road map to keep abreast of the information that you present on your daily show.

    But who wants to condense all of that information? Not me or others, that is what you do; so we tune into YOU to get our daily Abolitionist News updates.

    P.S. Honestly, you do rant too much (smile).

    In the words of James Brown “stay on the good-foot.”

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