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April 9, 2015

The cruel and unusual punishments clause of the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution restricts the severity of punishments that state and federal governments may impose upon persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense. Do you think feeding inmates garbage, mold, fly larvae– or even starving them qualifies as cruel and unusual? How about poisoning them? We’ll show you what’s going on the multi-billion dollar correctional vending world, and how we’re all on the hook for human rights violations passing for everyday business practices in our prisons.

From the food- we go to healthcare, and no surprise our first stop is at Corizon, again. Hundreds of nurses who work for the for-profit prison health care company Corizon in Alameda County, California are threatening to go on strike if the company refuses to put enough nurses on duty and give them enough resources to adequately care for the thousands of men incarcerated there, especially after inmates have died on the company’s watch.

Finally, from healthcare- to visitation. We’ll introduce you to a private vendor named Securus. Securus now obligates correctional facilities by contract to eliminate in-person visits completely, in favor of their video systems. In other words, even if a family member or friend shows up to the jail to visit an inmate in person, they’d be forced to talk to the inmate through a Securus-branded video tablet. Often, the inmate is sitting just one room over.

Prison plantation news and headlines– including some updates on the recent outbreak of deadly slave catching/kidnappings going on in America’s cities, as not everyone targeted for 21st century slavery/human trafficking survives their kidnapping.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is Lavall Hall, a 25-year old, unarmed and mentally ill black man who was gunned down by Miami Gardens, FL. police in February 2015.

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