Senator Rand Paul playing games with Candidate Hillary Clinton on Libya

Hillary Clinton Libyan Adventure

by Scotty Reid

Unfortunately Rand Paul seems to be taking the Republican party line in only questioning what occurred at the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept 11, 2011. While in the past the Senator has stated in interviews that overthrowing the Libyan government in 2011 was a bad idea and sent the wrong message to nations about giving up their weapons like Ghaddafi did. He said it sent Iran a message to not trust the US government in negotiating over its nuclear program. Since those interviews, Rand Paul has done a what seems like a 180 on these issues being one of the Senators who signed a open letter to Iran to what many viewed was an attempt to undermine the international negotiations involving several nations.

Rand Paul’s opening shot at the official Clinton candidacy today was weak and less forceful as he appeared on two nationally broadcast Sunday news programs. His statements seem to continue the unofficial Conservative and Liberal talking points to play down the seriousness of the events that unfolded in Libya when Hillary Clinton herself stood on Libyan soil as a traitor calling for the killing of a sitting head of state which is in fact a federal crime that has never been prosecuted to my knowledge.

If Senator Rand Paul is serious about his candidacy as portrayal of himself as a Washington outsider he needs to get back to tough questions surrounding Libya that are not being asked enough like why did the Obama administration overthrow the Libyan government that it had full diplomatic relations with since at least 2005.

What sense did it make to overthrow a proven ally in the war on terror in Africa against Islamist influenced groups and organizations? Where are the questions about whether or not Clinton and the State Department intentionally twisted intelligence to sell the American people on illegal regime change in Libya in order to open up the door for Islamist rebels to seize weapons and the eventually the entire country?

Did the State Department not foresee the events like the beheadings of the Egyptian Christians on a Libyan beach recently? Was it really that hard to foresee or predict what would happen if the US government overthrew a stable secular government and turned the country over to murderous religious zealots? Paul did not vote to bomb Libya or to back dissident militias to overthrow the country so he has cover on the issue so why is he playing his hand so weakly? Is he afraid of the Clintons or what?

Rand Paul needs to keep banging that point of fact home that Clinton was involved in an illegal regime change that included the assassination of the lawful Libyan Prime Minister based on evidence she knew to be false that said Ghaddafi planning to commit “Rwanda” style genocide. Then the US stood by while its proxy Libyan militias went on a nation wide killing spree and they continue to do so to this day.

Oh yeah, a lot of Republicans namely Lindsey Graham and John McCain openly pushed to overthrow the Libyan government, these are crimes and scandalous way to treat an “ally” in the “war on terror”. Seems the US backed the terrorist now running Libya.

Is this why Rep Trey Gaudy and his committee are keeping a narrow focus on just one of the crimes that occurred in Libya in 2011. They want us it seems to just look at one of Clinton’s co-conspirators who became a casualty of the covert operation which required him to work closely with and trust known terrorists.

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Where are Clinton’s emails from that 2011 Libyan trip? Did the former Secretary of State engineer a coup on her private e-mail server?

How about some real talk Rand Paul? How about a real investigation Republicans?

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