Black Talk Radio News – Baltimore rebellion continues

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Continued coverage of the Hillary Clinton scandal and the looting the Haiti relief fund by western corporations with ties to the Clinton and today is day 10 of the Baltimore rebellion.

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One Reply to “Black Talk Radio News – Baltimore rebellion continues”

  1. Two NYPD police officers were killed in the aftermath of the Eric Garner killing in Staten Island. This effectively stopped the demonstrations against police brutality that were gaining momentum. It was reported on television in NYC that the Baltimore Police had notified NYPD beforehand that the killer of these policemen was on his way from Baltimore to New York to attack police. NYPD denied this on television. How did the Baltimore police know this, why didn’t NYPD take precautions and why has there been no public investigation of the Baltimore Police Department’s claim? Now the Baltimore administration, population and police are being totally discredited. Very interesting….

    PS. When the two black undercover policemen were killed in the line of duty on Staten Island some time back their families had to sue NYC to get relief.

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