If I had a son, I would hope he would be like Michael Singleton #BaltimoreUpRising

By Scotty Reid

Michael Singleton, the young man who has been publicly shamed by national media and otherwise abused has held his own under the pressure of the white supremacy media that seeks to emasculate him.

While Ms. Toya Graham is heralded as mom of the year by the mainstream, I’m not one to put value on imaginary awards that are not going to help the unemployed mother of six but I would say, her emotional outburst on a Baltimore street aside, she has done a great job raising her son. I do not know what other influences he has in his life like a father, but if I had a son to go with my three daughters, I would want him to be like Michael Singleton.

On an episode of The View, Michael and his mother Ms. Toya Graham recalled personal details that occurred in their household in the wake of Freddy Grey dying from injuries he sustained at the hands of Baltimore police officers. Based on what the two revealed, Michael Singleton should be heralded as a good son and member of his community and here’s why.

  • He cares about what is happening to people in his community and let his parent know that he wanted to be part of the protest but no one took him to a community meeting or demonstration.
  • He showed tremendous restraint while being beaten in the streets and never once raised his hand to his parent.
  • He has a back up plan if he does not make it in basketball, he wants to be an electrician. Not a cop, not a soldier, a electrician where he can help people and not harm them on behalf of the state or US government.
  • Michael and his comrades showed courage like David standing against Goliath or like the Zulu Nation taking standing against the military might of the British.

Michael and his fellow  students were placed in danger by the Baltimore Police, The Baltimore Mayor, The Maryland National Guard and US Homeland Security when they shut down public transportation and school buses but collectively decided to let these children out of school with no way to get home but by walking. Their parents were not called to pick them up while the school was put on lock-down to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent any juvenile stunts, the national guard did not escort the school buses to make sure the students got home safely and the Baltimore police only mission it seems was to confront and antagonize the students in the streets as they made their way home. What the US government, The officials of Baltimore, The Governor of Maryland and National Guard commanders have shown us once again is that black lives do not matter to them. All of these officials must give an account on why they endangered the lives of the students.

Ms. Toya Graham raised a good son under the pressure of a racist police state and poverty and despite her momentary lapse in judgement which caused her to beat her son thinking that is how she must protect him from killer cops, she is a good mother. The only shame is on the national media that attempted to kill this young man’s passion and fighting spirit and irresponsibly promoted to mothers like Ms. Graham, that violence against their children is the only way to save them from the violence of the police state.

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