Video: Black male shoots and kills racist white male in self-defense

By Scotty Reid

28-year-old Jehrardd Williams will not face any charges after he used his firearm in defense of black life, his own. Earlier this year in January, Mr. Williams was in a Fort Myers, Florida Waffle House purchasing a meal when a gang of drunk white racist males came into the establishment and started harassing Mr. Williams and another non-white customer shouting racial slurs at the two men.

One of the racist white males tried to shake hands but Mr. Williams was not in the handshaking mood as he showed the utmost in black self-respect in not being quick to forgive the racist man for his racial offenses. After refusing to extend his hand out in love towards one of the men who just insulted him, the white male decided to take a swing at Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams can be seen in the video slipping the punch like Mayweather in his boxing match with Pacquiao and pull his legally owned firearm which he is licensed to carry. Mr. Williams is then rushed by Dakota Fields who is then shot three times by Mr. Williams. All the racist males fled and later crashed their vehicle on the way to the hospital. Dakota Fields was pronounced dead on the scene by medics.

After a 4 month investigation that should not have taken that long given the video evidence, Mr. Williams was finally declared justified in committing homicide against one of his racist attackers.

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16 Replies to “Video: Black male shoots and kills racist white male in self-defense”

  1. Got to give it up for this strong brother. He would NOT shake the hand of this white male. His attacker got what was coming to him. The brother had his gun papers in order and he executed accordingly. FOUR STARS****

  2. They’ve been doing that for hundreds of years, that’s what PAY BACK IS, so all of you racist people we tote HEAT NOW!!

  3. That what they deserve. U look for trouble, u will find it, but will it be what ur looking for. They looked and found just what they needed something hot in that ass!!!!!!

  4. More likely the car crash deterred him from getting medical help. Whom ever was driving and cause the crash should have been held for vehicular homicide. Those charges never were made. They even lied. That was the cause of death. I’m just saying.

  5. Good that he was able to defend himself against these racist assholes and that the whole event was caught on video! Now, this is “standing your ground”!

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