Black Talk Radio News – Anniversary of the MOVE Bombing and Private Prison Slavery

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Tune in for an hour of news, information and commentary. Today we will look at some of the latest news in private prison slavery and recognizing the 30th Anniversary of the Move Bombing in Philadelphia in 1985.

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3 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – Anniversary of the MOVE Bombing and Private Prison Slavery”

  1. Great Show as usual. Your passion is infectious. You are correct that the devil’s oppression of black people preceded dope, hip hop etc. and if those things disappeared tomorrow there would still be oppression. It goes a lot deeper than that. You are right about the oppression spreading beyond the black community. The Move bombing set the stage for the Waco massacre. The bombing of black wall street in Tulsa set the stage for the Oklahoma City bombing. What they did to us they are now doing to each other. The mafia brought dope into the country to keep it in the black neighborhoods. Now their own population is on dope. You are right about the Nazis taking their masks off. I think people went into the gas chambers because no one wants to believe they will be killed right up to the last minute. You are right about the 2nd amendment. Blacks have to be armed for self defense. Gore Vidal, a prominent white author, said the only thing keeping the whites in this country from killing each other was their hatred of the blacks. We have to be in a position to take advantage of their internal divisions. That is how we will triumph. Black Power.

  2. Dear Mr. Reid,
    I am listening to your episode about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s remarks about Hillary Clinton. I am sure that you mean well by thinking that Black women’s issues should not be separated from Black people people’s issues; however, not all of our men are willing to admit to much less discuss for example, domestic violence issues. I would love it if you would make Black women’s issues a focus of one of your shows. I love your radio show but on this particular topic you should listen to Black women so that you might fully understand some of our specific challenges.

    1. I think I discuss the fact that Black women are the fast growing demographic headed to the prison plantations and it is not just about Black men. I live with nothing but women except for my grandson. I am aware of the issues Black women face but I do not see them really as being any different from the issues Black men face in the context of the white supremacist system enslaving and killing Black life.

      As far as the relationship between Black men and women, I believe both genders can do better in how they treat each other.

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