Black Talk Radio News – Jesse Lee Peterson and Proxy Racism

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Tune in for an hour of news, information and commentary. In the News non-white males are among those killed by police over the past couple of days. The number of casualties continue to rise and currently stands at an estimated 422kbp.

The US House of Representative votes to take away the tool of mass data collection which has been used to target and enslave people through the drug laws. Some expected resistance in the Senate.

Jeb Bush was asked why he is being deceptive about who created the Islamic group in Syrian and Iraq called ISIL. In an act of further deception on his part and the media, the question is flipped to would he have invaded Iraq.

Gus T. Renegade of the THE C.O.W.S was on the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show. Interesting admissions of racism white supremacy being practiced by white women against Black women and their unborn by Mr. Peterson but why? The program producer tried to corner Mr. Renegade with a question about rape statistics.

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