Memorial Day week shootings hyped every year

By Scotty Reid

This week we are getting reports that Memorial Day weekend saw an uptick in shootings in urban areas. Those oppossed to the current movements against police terrorism are siezing upon these reported shootings in an attempt to discredit those organizing against police brutality today to suggest that some how Black people do not value the lives of Black people taken by other Black people. This of course is a fallacy easily disproven by the decades old Stop the Violence Campaigns which I credited with the decrease in violent crimes over the same time period.

Of course these facts do not matter to those that want to discredit movements that have arisen against the police state that has always existed in Black and non-white communities. Its like a broken juke box that plays the same ole song every year and by now should be expected from right wing racist suspects who use these report of shootings in urban areas to suggest that these shootings some how justify the police terrorism plaguing many of these communities.

Crime in high poverty areas has nothing to do with the 455 confirmed kills by police in 2015 so far, an unknown amount of beatings and tazings and the patterns and practices of excessive force being found at police departments across the country by the Department of Justice.

Two of the cities being highlighted by corporate media are Chicago and Baltimore, both of which are experiencing uprisings by poor people against police brutality and systemic racism. Other than having being high poverty zones that breed dysfunction, they have something else in common, both cities have moved to cut funding for education closing schools and building prisons.

Instead of spending millions to address the underlying issue of violence and crime by providing employment opportunities and a solid education, the ruling classes and their political proxies in these cities are spending millions to imprison even more people and make them new slaves for the modern prison slavery system.

To keep people distracted from those engineering all the poverty, all the crime, all the killing, all the enslavement via prisons, the goal is to shift the focus away from the slave catchers also known as police and on the less than 1% of 43 million Black people who may or may not be behind the killings in these areas. This is par for course in a society that is built on the false religion of white supremacy.

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