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May 27, 2015

• Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio we revisit statistics that we have quoted here before- we told you that nearly 60% of the rapes in jails and prisons are occurring at the hands of the law enforcement/prison staff. We have two current examples to highlight- Georgia law enforcement Capt. Daniel Johnson, was arrested after being formally charged with sexually assaulting at least nine different women while he was chief of security for the Emanuel State Prison for Women in Georgia. Most of the women were from the metro Atlanta area. Also, we have two women who say they have repeatedly been raped by the same correction officer at Rikers Island. They have sued him and New York City, accusing the city of indifference to a “pervasive culture” of rape and sexual abuse of female inmates in the city jail.

Hey “Say Her Name” campaigners and Black Lives Matter protesters- here’s the sisters you must not overlook, while bringing the murder and abuse of women to the forefront of the police violence conversation.
• Cleveland police Officer Michael Brelo was found not guilty in the murder of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, in one of the most heinous massacres in American law enforcement history. Well, let us get you up to speed on the latest case on the AmeriKKKan injustice buffet- the police extrajudicial murder of Alesia Thomas. LAPD Officer Mary O’Callaghan is now on trial. Will the clear cut video showing her restrained body being brutalized be enough to get a conviction? How about the audio of the officer promising Alesia that, “I’m going to punt you in your p*ssy.”? Will any of it matter in the court of law?

• Remember the case of Annie Dookhan, the Mass. State Police labRAT who falsified test results to get convictions in tens of thousands of cases? Well a recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling is expected to free tens of thousands from prison, as the fallout continues to expose this country’s systems and institutions for what they really are- modern day slavery mills, with grotesque inhumanity on every imaginable level.

• While we’re on the subject of injustice and criminality in law enforcement, the New ABolitionists will take a look again at RICO charges, and how we need to continue to force this measure into the conversations focused oh so timidly on reforms.

• Straight from RICO, we take you to our Ferguson is America series- tonight we show you that Georgia is Ferguson.

• This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Sundhe Moses. This brother was a freed after 18 years on Tuesday December 3, 2013. Another one of hundreds- potentially thousands of innocent yet criminally convicted people who went down at the hands of Ret. NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella, Sundhe walked out of an upstate prison after it was determined that the dirty detective had railroaded him for the killing of a 4-year-old girl in Brooklyn.

• Our Abolitionist in profile is David Walker, 1796 – 1830. An Abolitionist who created his own pamphlet, David Walker’s Appeal. . . , a document that has been described as “for a brief and terrifying moment. . ., the most notorious document in America.”

Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio.
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3 Replies to “New Abolitionists Radio- Slavery Old Is New Again”

  1. Thank you Mr. Reed for your speedy reply. So sorry for the lost of one of
    your female hosts.

  2. Just another great information pack program. News that I will never
    hear on the main stream media. My daughter and I was listening to your program and she said ” I never hear this on TV.” I said you will only hear
    what they want you to know. I went on to tell her that BTR is not a Puppet
    Show program, where Massa will NOT come out and tell you what to say
    and do. She laughed at that, but she did get the message.

    Yes, I do agree that we should hold Feminist Groups to the fire with respect to
    what is going on in the prisons with females. Their is a group that I do know of
    and support that is 100% focus on what is happening to females and men who are incarcerated. The organization is called The Women of Color in NYC/NJ.
    The Women of Color do not subscribe to this “Feminist” thing, we feel that women who subscribe to feminism is on a whole another political platform.

    We are women and we work hand in hand with men. We know that we are women. Black women have been working since we step foot on this USA .
    We have not gotten our justice for our work. We have no issues with
    being women, we take issue with racism/ sexism. White women faces sexism.
    not racism. The Women of Color recognizes this fact, that is why we do not
    subscribe to this whole “feminism” bull…..

    Lastly, speaking of diversity at BTR, with respect to women. Where are
    the women hosts? I know of only one. she is actually a co-host of Political Prisoner Radio. This is excluding ” Tanya Free and Friends” show.

    1. We have had two female host on New Abolitionists Radio, one did not work out due to other commitments, another one fell ill and never recovered. When I put the call out earlier this year that we were looking for new program proposals, only males responded.

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