81 year old Texas man assaulted and injured by cops

By Scotty Reid

81 yr-old Herman Crisp was sitting in a chair on his lawn having a smoke when sheriff’s deputies and Georgetown, Texas police came to his home in full swat gear late last September to serve a search warrant regarding his nephew who had been staying with him. Instead of talking to the elderly man, a flash bang grenade was thrown which the force of knocked him out of his chair.

Mr. Crisp said officers then slammed him to the ground and handcuffed him. The force the officer used to body slam the elderly man left him with a broken hip. After searching his home, officers helped him back inside, but didn’t call paramedics. He was found the next day by family members on the floor in his own feces.

“After they left I tried to get up then because I had to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t go so I just crawled over here and laid on the floor right down there and my sister came and called the paramedics and they came in here,” Crisp explained.

“The thing that concerns me about this is it looks to me like a conspiracy of silence. Things like this don’t happen in a vacuum. There’s nothing that we’ve been able to get that identifies the officers, that identifies the action that occurred. We have our client’s information but I had to hire a private investigator just to get enough faxed to determine whether I should file a lawsuit or not. And I’m convinced that the facts are adequate to file this lawsuit and we’ll find out now that we have some way to get accurate information,” said Crisp’s attorney, Boadus Spivey.

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