Black Talk Radio News – Suicide rates increase among Black boys & “Dark Spirits” taking over Baltimore?

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A listener sent me a news article that discusses a new study that documents that suicide rates among Black children are sharply increasing. This is troubling but not shocking news and I am sure living in a society that racially oppresses them has plenty to do with it.

Another listener informed me about prisoners enslaved at Lancaster County Prison in Pennsylvania who were recently heard by residents close to the prison screaming about being treated like animals.

A Black Baltimore police officer recently said “Dark Spirits” were responsible for violence in Baltimore that the church needs to be on the front lines.

Thousands of students in Chile have been battling police who they accused of excessive force in breaking up student protests over the high cost of education in the country.

This news and possibly more today.

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One Reply to “Black Talk Radio News – Suicide rates increase among Black boys & “Dark Spirits” taking over Baltimore?”

  1. I think the activists that appeared on Fox News handled themselves pretty well. Hannity is a joke, O’Reilly had to pay damages in a sexual harassment lawsuit and has been accused of beating his wife. The black children committing suicide has to be connected to the explosion of video game use and children’s programs on television. These devices and shows are issuing subliminal messages to cause black children specifically to commit suicide. How else can you explain a child of 5 even thinking about such a thing? Hip hop that passes the Nazi censors is also causing this behavior with subliminal messaging. Social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc are all trained by the works of the same German theorists (Max Weber, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud) that trained the Nazis. What else do you expect out of them? Turn the television off and cut down on video game use. If you smoke and drink most likely your kids will smoke and drink no matter what you tell them.

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