Black Talk Radio News – Temple of New African Thought w/ Brother Sankofa

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Today we will speak with Bro. Sankofa of the Temple of New African Thought to discuss the importance of cultural heritage for African descendant people in the USA. As we look at the news that Black boys are increasingly susceptible to suicide, I can not help but think that an African cultural education can help change the mindset of these children and adults alike.

The vision of the Temple of New African Thought “is the realization of a politically strong African community wherein healthy, financially stable, educated African families reside; adhering to the Nguzo Saba, and aspiring for spiritual growth. Therefore, we envision a social-emotional, politico-economic and psycho-spiritual reality predicated on the best of African cultural norms.”

If we have time, we will look at some of the political/social news of the day.

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