Black radio host Benet Embry defends cop’s violence but promotes gangsta rap violence

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By Scotty Reid

Benet Embry became a proxy tool of right wing conservatives, racism deniers and police brutality apologists after he took up for the McKinney, Texas cop, Eric Casebolt who has resigned from the police department and issued an apology for his “aggression” towards teens who were attending a community cookout in a subdivision in the city.

Despite Casebolt’s apology, resignation and the department’s statement about policy violations committed by the former cop, Embry for whatever reason decided to become a Black apologist for Casebolt and was in the media proclaiming that race had nothing to do with the ugly incident that has dominated the headlines for the past few days.

Embry claims he was present at the event and said that there were about 130 mostly African-American teens at the party and that seven “knuckle heads” ruined it for everyone by climbing the fence of the pool when they could not get inside the gate. The cookout was outside of the pool and not inside the pool area.

While he did not outright justify the actions of the out of control Casebolt, he did seem to be very uninformed about the racist elements of the incident and made excuses by saying he did not believe Casebolt came there with the intention of slinging teens around. At least one white teen said indicated the Black teens were racially profiled as the white people were largely ignored by the responding officers. Despite what Mr. Embry believes, he has no way of knowing what Casebolt’s intentions were but he certainly should know what the officer did do which the police department officials have said violated department policy. Casebolt’s attorney is blaming his actions on stress.

Mr. Embry is not seen in any of the videos of the incident and one has to wonder if he was present and he lives in that community, why he did not as a member of that community address the teens climbing the fence to get in the pool instead of allowing events to escalate.

Several witness said that white females caused the incident to escalate by using racial slurs towards the Black teens, told a white female companion she need to find better friends than the Black teens she was accompanying to the cook-out, told Black teens to go back to Section 8 Housing and finally assaulting a Black female. If Mr. Embry was present and witnessed any of this, why would he take to the media to declare the incident was not about race and place the blame solely on teens doing typical teenager stuff and not where it belongs, the adults in attendance like him?

If Mr. Embry cared so much for his community, why did he not intervene when Casebolt started manhandling the teenaged girl who was attacked by Casebolt when she attempted to retrieve her bag before going to her home across the street from the pool and left it to teens to protect the female teenager who ended being assaulted when Casebolt pointed his weapon at them?

In the interview Mr. Embry gave, he attempted to come of as a respectable Black male and shifted the focus from the police brutality by indicting Black America saying it had other issues to address other than “made up stuff”.

Mr. Embry claims that because of him speaking out to say it was not about race, his online radio program was banned. However, podcasts are still up on the website and in one particular podcast, Mr. Embry can be seen and heard promoting drug use and violent gangsta rap music.

Mr. Embry also claims he is getting death threats because of his actions but it is not know if he actually made a complaint to police. While alleged death threats he is receiving are not to be encouraged or tolerated, perhaps some of his gangsta rap listening audience did not take kindly to him snitching on teens for climbing a fence or Mr. Embry being an apologist for racists and out of control cops. Proxy racism is intolerable and one would hope Mr. Embry learns that if nothing else from this experience.

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3 Replies to “Black radio host Benet Embry defends cop’s violence but promotes gangsta rap violence”

  1. Regardless of whether he’s “disgusting,” “race traitor,” whatever, his show should not been removed. Censorship is bullshit.

    1. If the community complained about what was going out over the airwaves or their sponsors, the station has an obligation to weigh all options just like a sport franchise does with players who engage in conduct detrimental to the company. I for one would not want gangsta rap promoted in my community. There is plenty of good family friendly hip-hop, why would I support negativity?

  2. This coon is so disgusting. There are too,too,many black people who are in this category. Inevitably,he will get “n—-r”moment for being a scared black person. If that teenaged girl was someone close to me, those pale fools would have definitely been dealt with very harshly! No joke!

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