Black Talk Radio News – The plot to take down Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson’s school project

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There seems to be another plot brewing to take down Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson and destroy his project of building a school for Black boys. Feminist are suspected of being behind the plot as he is being accused of being misogynistic and homophobic. The latest rumor being spread questions his leadership capabilities and ability to positively impact the lives of Black boys. This is nonsense and not the first time he has been attacked in attempts to take down his school project.

“When you attack one black man, you are attacking all black men” – Malcolm X

The NFL combine. Valid comparison or nonsense?

Posted by Viktory on Saturday, May 10, 2014

After seeing another meme circulating on social media comparing professional sports to slavery, I could not help but become agitated, not angry but agitated that people do not seem to know what real slavery looks like let alone knowing that it was never abolished and still exists.

The Miami police department is under investigation by a state agencies after it justified the killing of a homeless man in front of numerous witnesses including children who were horrified by the sight of Fritz Severe being gunned down by cops.

After the death of Kalief Browder by suicide, his death is bringing new attention to the infamous Rikers Island in New York. Browder spent 3 yrs in Rikers awaiting trial for a crime he eventually was cleared of but guilt or innocence should have nothing to do with the process in determining guilt or innocence. Carlos Montero, now 24, was arrested as a 17 year old and he has spent seven years awaiting trial while being held at Rikers. This should be viewed as unacceptable.

Speaking of New York, a judge recently ruled that medical examiners do not have to return organs nor inform family members that their deceased family was returned to them with organs missing. Some believe to this could further facilitate organ harvesting which is a very profitable business.

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5 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – The plot to take down Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson’s school project”

  1. Dear Mr. Reid, I enjoy your network and commend you for the passion you have for our people and getting vital information to the public. Just an FYI, there may be some factual errors in the Kalief Browder report. I believe he was on probation for a minor offense that led to the bail difficulties with his family. Also, I believe they offered him plea deals many times that he refused because he was innocent. Finally, churches are groups of people that for the most part do provide assistance in cases like these. However, if you have no “church home” and do not reach out through friends and family it becomes unlikely that help will come as I am not aware of a ministry that waits at the jail with lawyers and bail money (but it sounds like a good idea, especially when our goal is self=sufficiency). Please forgive me if I am in error, I read a lot of material on the internet and sometimes it is hard to determine truth. I will attach the links to some primary sources. Keep up the good work!

    PS Being married to the woman that is your “other half” can make life easier and give you the ability to get MORE done 😉

    1. Thank you for your constructive input and correcting the information concerning Mr. Browder.

      To be honest, getting more work done is not my sole reason for not wanting to get married or be in a relationship. Perhaps I am being selfish but I do not want to have to consider how my actions may impact my spouse. I want to be free of that responsibility. I am content to remain “single” and just do not have that desire to be with anyone right now. That may change in the future but it is not something I currently desire.

  2. After reading Dr. Cadwallader’s article, maybe implicit bias should include a definition for cultural prejudice along with unconscious prejudice. In other words, stereotypes or attitudes about particular races and ethnic groups have been ingrained in the American culture.

      1. I understand. You had some excellent callers today with good insight. I enjoyed listening to them. Hopefully, I will be listening tomorrow.

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