Black Talk Radio News – Facile arguments concerning racism and proxy racism

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Yesterday we skipped over the article on “Rethinking implicit bias in wake of McKinney incident“. The article delves into the dangers of saying that acts of racism are unconscious. The author argues that this is a simplistic way of trying to explain away acts of racism.

Speaking of facile arguments, I was engaged with questions concerning holding Black people, or non-white people accountable for their actions that constitute assisting white supremacists in confusing non-white people about racism/white supremacy and how it works and not only confusing them but physically harming non-white people. I did a poor job in explaining my position yesterday, I hope to provide some clarification today. My intention is not to put anyone on “front street” but to hopefully foster some constructive dialogue among those who listen to this program for them to ponder and draw their own conclusions based on the evidence. I also do not believe that white people are the problem, I believe that white supremacists are THE problem and non-white proxies are part of the problem which is a system that insists on practicing racism based on the false notion that white supremacist are superior.

If we have time, I want to discuss the deception being promoted in white people’s press that 1) there are not enough Black men for Black women to marry 2) Most black men are in prison.

What are the facts and based on the facts what are some possible solutions to a problem that I think is largely manufactured.

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