Black Talk Radio News – Behind enemy lines at a Confederate flag rally in SC

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Today we will be joined by the co-host and co-producer of the radio program New Abolitionists Radio to discuss his experience in engaging supporter’s of the Klu Klux Klan’s terrorist flag that was adopted from the Northern Virginia regiments commanded by Robert E. Lee. Max Parthas is an abolitionist and spoken word poet and attended a rally over the weekend in his home state of South Carolina.

Speaking of terrorist, we really do need a white terrorist database for us and to publicly expose these less refined white supremacists. I got a somewhat threatening private message from a confirmed racists who has “black friends” and those black people should know who is smiling in their face and likely to burn down their homes, places of worship and sabotage them on the job.

We will also examine tactics in engaging racist suspect whites in different settings. There is a codified way and a uncodified way but it all depends on what you are attempting to accomplish.

In related news lets explore the true meaning of what the Confederacy stood for and how it exploited whites who the rich enslavers looked on as poor white trash and was successful in manipulating them into fighting and dying for an institution that did not benefit them at all except to play into their fantasies of white supremacy. Poor whites have a history in this country of wanting to be like wealthy whites of privileged and how they always turn on people of similar station as evident in Bacon’s rebellion. Another side thing about Bacon’s rebellion is that in it we see non-white people uniting with white supremacist (proxy racism) to oppress other non-white people (Indigenous tribes).

Is the Ceo of America Barack Obama practicing deception or is he serious when it comes to dealing with white terrorism in the USA? President Obama recently proposed a law that would make the Klu Klan Klan and I suppose other white nationalist groups to make their members public.

If time permits, we will delve into other topics and news.

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