Mother says she is glad son was “whooped” and not killed for stealing

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By Scotty Reid

Sharounder Joyner says that she is glad that a stranger whooped her son for stealing instead of killing him. Her son was seen in a video that was viewed over a million times on social media where he is seen being hit with a belt by one of the men who caught him trying to steal his pants at a basketball court which contained his wallet and car keys.

The man gives the teenager a choice, to call police, get taken to his mother or a whoopin. The young teen chose to be whooped.

Many social media commentators said the man should be hunted down and locked for using corporal punishment on the boy. Others supported the tough love the man displayed instead of calling police thus putting another Black teen in the system. The man who has not been identified gave the teen his phone number and said he would check in on him from time to time to see how he is doing.

The mother, Sharounder Joyner is not pressing charges but the Milwaukee are investigating anyway, perhaps looking to put another Black man behind bars. Joyner said that it takes two to make a child but a village to raise one. She said she happy to be planning the boy’s fourteenth birthday instead of planning a funeral.

In related news, another 14 year-old was gunned down in Milwaukee in a fight over a girl on Facebook.

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