The Confederate Soldier’s Dream

By Scotty Reid

As debate continues around Confederate flags and monuments and whether or not they should be maintained on public property and given places of honor in society, I decided to renew my research on why so many Confederate soldiers would choose to pick up arms to maintain the institution of slavery when the vast majority did not “own” any Africans. I feel that when people use politically correct words like noble, valor and brave to describe these men and their behavior, it spreads confusion about their character and their cause.

The following is a representation of the reasons poor white men engaged in the civil war on the side of the Confederacy.

The Confederate Soldier’s Dream


I have a dream, even though I am looked upon as poor white trash by wealthier white men, I dream that one day I too can own a nigger slave and make him work from sun up to sun down to fill my pockets.

I have a dream, that while the southern belles who are above my station would never entertain the thought of lying down with me, that like their fathers I dream that I can own a nigger woman to rape at my leisure.

I have a dream that while sleeping with children is frowned upon by society, I dream that no one will care or even know if I subject my nigger children slaves to all manner of sexual depravity.

I have a dream that when wealthy white men above my station mistreat me, I dream that I can go home, take out all my frustration, and beat my nigger slave to within an inch of his life.

I have a dream, that when I go alligator hunt in, I dream that I will have a constant supply of nigger babies to use as bait.

I have a dream, that when my rotten teeth fall out, I dream that like our first President George Washington I can take the pearly whites of my nigger slave and make myself some dentures.

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These are our dreams and why we chose to fight and die to preserve the institution of slavery.

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One Reply to “The Confederate Soldier’s Dream”

  1. A dream deferred by a dream that was never materialized.
    Is it not the rich that gives the kool-aide to the poor?
    Drink up my dear noble men, fight because one day you may have a
    chance at the American Dream….which is ownership of slaves……
    Oh what a worthy price to pay even if the END result is DEATH……

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