Black Talk Radio News – NAACP chapters going after white supremacy in public square

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Today we will be joined on air by Rachel Wolkenstein is an attorney admitted to practice in New York State since 1974 and a member of the United States Supreme Court bar since 1985. Attorney Wolkenstein will update us on the case of her client Corey Walker. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is attempting to remove her from the case based on her “intolerable” political views. Walker maintains that he is the victim of a wrongful conviction due to police misconduct and corruption and is seeking to have access to the courts to prove his innocence.

In the news….

The Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP is calling for the removal of the white supremacists Confederate Monument from Stone Mountain Park.

Maria Boynton of CBS Radio Atlanta V-103 reports,

“Local chapter president Richard Rose says, “It is time for Georgia and other Southern states to end the glorification of slavery and white supremacy, paid for and maintained, with the taxes of all its citizens.” According to Rose, “all of this recognition of Confederate generals is upholding the white supremacy on which the Confederacy was founded and the war was fought.” He goes on to say, “all of this should have ended in 1865 when Lee surrendered to Appomattox.”

I once incorrectly said that there were no cops running around shooting down Black people with confederate emblems on their uniforms. I was wrong as the NAACP of Huntsville, Alabama is calling on the the state of Alabama to remove Confederate flag symbols that are displayed on uniforms and the cruisers used by Alabama State Troopers.

We will give an update on the petition drive demanding The President and Congress restore the staff of the homeland security unit tracking potential right wing mostly white terrorists. Early this month some of the Democrats in Congress asked for hearings on racist based domestic terrorism while some of the Republicans are trying to protect white supremacy symbols of the South.

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