White men count their pot profits while millions suffer nationally from oppressive drug laws

The New York Times published a shot documentary about the problems mostly white people have with their pot profits in that they can not deposit their millions in banks and are susceptible to robbery. This follows the recent decision by the non-federal Federal Reserve to reject a application by The Fourth Corner Credit Union in Denver to obtain a “master account” so that it could make transactions with other financial institutions and serve the hundreds of licensed marijuana businesses in the state.

As I watched these white men in the NYT video count their cash and complain about not having a safe place to store their profits, I could not help but think about the millions of lives destroyed and/or significantly altered for the worse by convictions for non-violent so-called drug crimes and the vastly more serious problems they have being enslaved on the hundreds of prison plantations across the country.

If in certain parts of the country white men can cultivate and sell weed and the federal government is rightly doing nothing to go after these people, it is only right that the millions of people in prison or jail for the activity should be immediately pardoned or have their sentences commuted and have their records expunged.

Of course most legalization opponents like NJ Governor Chris Christie have ties to the prison industrial complex which lobbies to keep drug laws and harsh penalties on the books so they can continue to profit of modern slavery and human trafficking. I am of the opinion that the emerging Cannabis lobby should use its growing influence and cash reserves to lobby for the freedom of drug war prisoners.

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