Black Talk Radio News – Credit workshop w/ Vorriece Whitten Jr. plus news on Memphis cop killing

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8-6-2015 3-00-57 PM

Today our guest speaker is Mr. Vorriece Whitten Jr.. The topic of the conversation with Mr. Whitten will center on issues dealing with credit, credit repair and how to properly leverage credit. Build A Score Credit Consultants.

In the news…

Why are people, especially black people seemingly so quick to throw Tremaine Wilbourn under the bus. Is this a programmed response? Are they worried about their “image”? Why isn’t it plausible that Mr. Wilbourn was in fear for his life when every 28 hours a black person is killed by law enforcement, security guards and vigilantes?

Do we need to crowdfund our own legal defense organizations? The work of the Innocence project is great but how about an organization outside of the under funded over worked public defenders office? I know attorney’s do pro-bono work but apparently not enough to resist the injustices that plague this system.

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