Political Prisoner Radio: #BlackAugust & 1 yr Anniversary of the Ferguson Rebellion

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Tune in for an hour of news, information and social commentary as it relates to the political human rights struggle in the USA.

Tonight we will have open forum and open lines but in the spirit of Black August and remembering past periods of struggle against racism, the killing of Michael Brown in August of 2014 led to the Ferguson Rebellion which set off other rebellions in other cities after the continued killing of Black men. Lets do a review of the past year in the context of youth led movements in the 60s.

Let us also discuss racism within the struggle movement, the dangers of BLM and liberal partnerships, COINTELPRO, how movements were and are infiltrated. What are your thoughts on Bernie Sanders and BLM.

Tonight we are spotlighting political prisoner Maliki Shakur Latine born in the month of Black August. “Maliki Shakur Latine was born in the Bronx on August 23, 1949. In his early years, Latine became involved with the Nation of Islam. It was during this time that he started on the path of confronting society’s oppressive forces.” Read more…

Nation of Islam leader recently called on 10,000 black men to step forward you are not afraid to die and protect their community from the slaughter at the hands of police and criminals. What are your thoughts?

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