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Today’s Black Business Spotlight will focus on the beauty supply industry which does $15 billion in revenue per year. Black women spend a considerable amount on beauty supply products so how can Black people recycle those dollars in the Black community? Our guest Chambriel Spence of the Beauty Supply Institute will help us to answer question you may have about entrepreneurship in this industry.

In the news…

Since Black Lives Matter is an organization that is participating in the national movement against police terrorism that began before many of today’s youth were born. However, what are the organizational demands? One of the founders of the organization, Alicia Garza, was recently asked what their demands were by corporate media. Take a listen.

It is being reported that a “Black Lives Matter” supporter, Symone Sanders has been hired by the Bernie Sanders campaign to be his national press secretary. Yesterday the Vermont Senator vowed to fight against institutional racism.

The US Department of Defense has ordered Ferguson police to return military equipment as new a rebellion erupting in Ferguson on its one year anniversary.

Speaking of Anniversaries, today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Watts Rebellion that was from August 11 to 17, 1965.

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3 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – Black Business spotlight and today’s news”

  1. I must admit, I like the idea of a Celebrity Boxing Match.

    He would in fact get “trump.”


  2. Your guest really knows his Marketing. It is extremely important
    that business owners, take marketing courses. If you don’t know
    the “P’s” of Marketing, you will not succeed.

    Product, Placement, Procurement, Price, Promotion./Publicity.

    I know this because Marketing was my major in college.

    (I was referring to Beauty Supply Stores, not salons).

    Why is the Black Lives Moment advocates not disrupting other
    presidential candidates? Yes, why are they only picking on Bernie
    Sanders? I ask myself these same questions……..

    Why is there not a clear-concise set of demands
    by Black Lives Matters?

    Who are the owners of this group and where are they
    getting their funding from?

    Personally, I think it is disrespectful, for someone to
    come on the stag and interrupt someone speaking, regardless
    who they are.

    If they had done this to other candidates, they would have been
    arrested, Maybe, Mr. Sanders, knows he is being set-up and is
    not going for the foolishness. He has conducted himself like
    someone who does respect Black Lives/People.

    1. Donald Trump said he would “fight” them. I would love to see one of those Black women whoop his ass but without the criminal consequences. Challenge his ass to a celebrity boxing match and watch him make excuses.

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