Political Prisoner Radio – The assassination / murder of revolutionary Hugo Pinell

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Tune in for an hour of information and news on political prisoners held by the US government.

Unfortunately we will be focusing on the recent assassination of political prisoner Hugo Pinell who was murdered after finally getting out of solitary confinement where he spent 46 years.

San Francisco Bayview writes,

Hugo Pinell, affectionately known as Yogi Bear, was assassinated Aug. 12. The news sparked a victory celebration by prison guards on social media: “May he rot in hell” and “Good riddens” (sic), they typed. Yogi was the only member of the San Quentin 6 still in prison, and his role in the events of Aug. 21, 1971, the day George Jackson was assassinated, has earned the guards’ incessant enmity ever since.

There appears that prison gangs played a role in Mr. Pinell’s murder. We will be joined by Robert Weide who is an assistant professor of Sociology at Cal State Los Angeles with subfield specializations in criminology, urban studies and racial and ethnic relations. He is currently working on two books based on his dissertation research while a student at NYU. Robert’s first book will be about inter-racial gang conflict between Black and Latino street gangs in Los Angeles County. His second book will be about historical and contemporary conflict between racialized inmate factions in carceral settings in California.

We will also be joined by Ernest Sheperd (Big Ern) who is a life time supporter of Yogi Pinell. They shared memories in prison together, struggled together and fought oppression together. Big Ern got out of prison but stayed in contact with Yogi and has personal letters where they discussed politics, mass incarceration and the ongoing struggle. Big Ern has a letter he recieved right before the assassination of Yogi. He has a lot to say about his fallen Comrade.

    Political Prisoner Birthdays

Hanif Shabazz Bey has a birthday today and is part of the Virgin Island Five. More information on his case can be found here.

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