Black Talk Radio News – Tremaine Wilbourn, Sean Bolton and PTSD

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Today we will be joined in conversation by New Abolitionist Paul Whaley. Paul Whaley is former military and a former prison guard who has been persuaded to become a 21st Century Abolitionist. The conversation will center around the murder charges levied against Tremaine Wilbourn who says he was defending himself when he killed Memphis cop and former Iraqi combat veteran Sean Bolton. Mr. Whaley like myself, believes there needs to be an organization focused on legal cases like that of Mr. Wilbourn.

There is also suspicion that someone if cleaning up the digital footprint of Mr. Bolton and an effort to play down his military training and combat veteran status. How much do we know about Mr. Bolton but there are plenty of questions about him that need answers because those answers could have wider policy implications like departmental hiring practices. If we consider the likely hood that Sean Bolton saw combat in Iraq and could suffer from PTSD, lets look at the symptoms and the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat PTSD and see if it may explain the aggression Mr. Wilbourn’s sister said Boiton used against her brother.

In the news…

Senator Bernie Sanders says he will push a bill to abolish prisons for profit.

NYT published an article that documents a crime against patients in a New Orleans hospital during Katrina. Guards assisted hospital staff in killing patients before abandoning the hospital.

Black Agenda political analyst Glen Ford delivers critique on BLM Boston’s meeting with Clinton, chides group for not having a real agenda and weak set of public demands.

Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosbey makes headlines again charging a Baltimore cop with attempted murder in the shooting of unarmed suspect.

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  1. Scotty can we write to Memphis papers and or TV stations to grant more info or attention to come forth about this police officer? Would that help?

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