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Today we will host a discussion with Darlene Burke of “Ten Toes In” which is an organization that focuses on providing support for those in romantic relationships with individuals who are in prison.

In the news…

A group of activists have put together a website to put forth political policy agendas from those currently engaged against police terrorism. Let us take a look at Campaign Zero.

Senator Marco Rubio follows the lead of Clinton in talking down to so-called “Black Lives Matter” protesters in accusing them of not having a real agenda. However, it is clear from his comments that Rubio’s long standing agenda of supporting mass incarceration aka modern slavery is still a priority with him.

Activist Shaun King’s ethnicity has come under attack by the racist website which is questioning whether or not he lied about his race to secure a grant from Oprah Winfrey. Whether or not Mr. King is Black, half Black or not Black, in terms of justice vs. injustice, what does it matter?

A Conservative radio host proposes slavery for illegal immigrants and hints to a caller that it is already legal to enslave people.

This news and possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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