Political Prisoner Radio – The plight of US held political prisoners from COINTELPRO Era must be addressed #WeTheProtesters

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Tune in for an hour of news, information and commentary on the issue of political prisoners being held by the USA.

Tonight our guest speaker will be attorney, activist and radio broadcaster Efia Nwangaza who will be joining us to discuss the need to keep pressure on the United States government to release COINTELPRO political prisoners particularly those formations like the Black Panther Party which was specifically named and targeted by the FBI because of their their political and social activities in the black community.

According to the political prisoner human rights group Jericho Movement,

COINTELPRO represents a part of American history that we would all like to forget. However, to forget is to repeat. Unfortunately, dozens of women and men are still incarcerated upwards of 40 years as a direct result of this heinous program.

Not only did COINTELPRO seek to defame, neutralize, discredit, and destroy the more militant organizations of that day, viz. the Black Panther Party, Republic of New Afrika, Nation of Islam, American Indian Movement, anti-war, socialist and communist organizations; but it also targeted anyone who stood up against racism and oppression, and who challenged federal and state government to correct these ills and change its policies. Read more and sign petition to release victims of COINTELPRO.

Political Prisoner Birthdays

Maliki Shakur Latine
Sunday, Aug 23, 2015

Maliki Shakur Latine #81-A-4469 Shawangunk Correctional Facility Post Office Box 700 Wallkill, New York 12589


Russell Maroon ShoatsSunday, Aug 23, 2015
Russell Maroon Shoatz #AF-3855 SCI Graterford Post Office Box 244 Graterford , Pennsylvania 19426

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