Black Talk Radio News – Black independent media producer Hassan Haze

Today we will be joined by Black independent media producer Hassan Haze who has been a guest in the past to discuss his platform Hood News. He will share some of his new media projects including the Army Of Thinkers Movement.
In the news….

The proxy tool of the racist system David Clarke who said that Black activists are “black slime and need to be eradicated” is being sued by a young white woman for civil rights violations after his Sheriffs department framed her on a drunk driving charge and then hid evidence that would clear her for ten months.

The racist conservative film maker James O’Keefe is making headlines again after former employee fired for not going among police terrorism protesters to incite violence against cops.

Is Prison Planet a tool of the racist Police State? Is Alex Jones a double agent? The website proclaims to be against the police state but does not write about mass incarceration aka modern slavery and one of his protege, UK born Paul Joseph Watson has been publishing racist anti-black propaganda to demonize one of the only active movements against the police state.


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