USA Incorporated ‘OPEN-AIR PRISON’ Justice Radio Station-CASE OF-Democracy Versus Justice”WORDS and MEANINGS” Sept. 7, 1492-2015!

Time: 9P.M. EST  Monday Phone (605)562-3140 code 918135# star 6, 1 for ON AIR Constructive Interactions, Opinions, Suggestions.

SOCIAL ISSUES APP! Hosts Words are IMPORTANT! Words and Definition of words. Thanks for being here Family, everyone. Remember, keep a teachable spirit. Two types of education, one that others give you and the one you give Your Self. Which do you think is the most beneficial? REFLECT, FOCUS! You don’t have to be locked behind bars to be in Prison. We are in USA Incorporated Open-Air Prison 2015 with homeland security and bigger brother keeping track, watching, OOPS!, DETERMINING every move. USA iNC. Open-Air Prison, innocent of The Charge. The Charge, being born in the Wrong Race. On parole in four months.Your Help is needed family, everyone.

 We are at a time like no other time. Available now are the intellectual an technical tools, being used to finally come to the end of the struggle. (Best to you and Yours Scotty Reid, Network, Family, Everyone, Right ON!).  The Struggle,  the basic initial unfinished business. The concept, idea, Political Strategy, unjust classification tool, this thing called Race. I am here asking for your help, encouraging , reminding everyone to finish this unfinished business. Finish this Race. Remember, Encourage others to do the same. Your help is needed to finish this unfinished business.  Finish this Race. A Justice centered curriculum will be better than what we have.Tehuti and Maat will remind us of the four stages of Racism  White Supremacy, Where We Are in it, How it Works, How and Why Eliminate. You are not being asked to drop what you are doing, remember, we walk and breath at the same time (smile).







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