Thando Radio Show – Fading Dollar seems set to lose major purchasing power

Black Talk Radio NewsNews on the global finance system, prepping for survival and current invents. Today Thando Radio Show will be joined by guest speaker “Kevin” to discuss repercussions to the masses when the US dollar loses purchasing power resulting in a damaging effect on the working poor ability to obtain basic commodities like milk, bread and meat.

The truth is the dollar has been in trouble for quite sometime and the real reason for the toppling of governments like Saddam’s Iraq and Qaddafi’s Libya both heads of state that made moves to damage the global standing of federal reserve notes. What would happen in the USA should tens or over one hundred million residents were unable to pay for adequate food, fuel, and electricity?

Callers are encouraged to ask questions and enter into a dialog in search of solutions.


    People’s Bank of

China to begin issuing short-term renminbi denominated debt in London

    ‘in the near future’

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