Black Talk Radio News – Candidate Jeb Bush throws racist jab at Black voters

Jeb Bush
Tune in today for an hour of news, information and commentary. We can start today examining the racist overtones in a GOP Presidential candidate’s statement that his outreach to Black voters will not consist of “free stuff”. Jeb Bush’s statement hearkens back to the smear campaigns against Barack Obama when he was running for President. Remember the suggestion that Black voters were supporting Obama because of “free stuff” like the “ObamaPhone” which was promoted heavily along with the video of the low income Black voter in Cleveland.

Of course the charges were false and just an example of the race baiting some conservatives like to engage in. Apparently conservatives like Jeb Bush. The only thing free Jeb Bush seems interested in providing is free and cheap labor to the private prison corporations. Bush could have mentioned whether or not he supported the Justice Is Not For Sale Act introduced in the senate by Senator Bernie Sanders who is also  in the 2016 Presidential Race but then again he probably wants to keep his connections to private prisons and mass incarceration on the down low.

Sadly there is another police snuff film that has emerged on the Internet and this one is among the most graphic seen thus far. Wilmington, Delaware police killed a suicidal wheel chair bound man yesterday.

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28-year-old Jeremy McDowell had already shot himself and suffering from a self inflicted gun shot wound when police arrived who instead of talking him down from the ledge just issued robotic commands to raise his hands before forming a firing squad and killing him in the street in full view of the public.

9-25-2015 Debtors Prisons

Did child support laws and debtors prison drive man to drive to California and kill the mother of his children? It is being reported that 21 year old Marcus Gafney who was convicted of first degree murder, said he killed the woman because she was trying to bankrupt him through child support. There is obviously no defense for this woman’s murder but crime always has underlying reasons that lead to these outcomes and must be looked at.

What are your thoughts on today’s news briefs?

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