Black Talk Radio News – The arrest of Eye Empress Sekhmet and the argument for codification

Black Talk Radio
Today we will discuss the recent arrest of Youtuber Latausha Nedd aka Eye Empress Sekhmet. Ms. Nedd posted several videos threatening to kill white people, promoted violence against law enforcement and other ill-advised public statements. People are pointing out that white men and women like former Texas prison guard Nathan Ener, law enforcement officers including the proxy racist tool Milwaukee County Sherrif David Clarke have called for violence against Black Lives Matter activists and other groups confronting police terrorism in various communities. However, Black people should know they can not do everything they see white people and proxy racist do and should be codified in their communications when speaking out on any issue.

They is a right way and wrong way to be “militant”. Remember Malcolm X said violence in self-defense is intelligence.

Abolish Private Prisons #JusticeIsNotForSale

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