Black Talk Radio News – UK PM David Cameron Insults Jamaicans and all victims of slavery

10-1-2015 3-38-41 PM

In the news…

British prime minister David Cameron insulted victims of slavery and their descendants worldwide when he called on the island nation to  “move on from this painful legacy and continue to build for the future”.Many Jamaicans and other victims of the trans-Atlantic human trafficking of Africans have called on the nations who profited most to pay reparations.

Just last year David Cameron was telling the world to never forget the Jewish holocaust. He did not tell those victims to move on but he issued a global to help stamp out antisemitism. In Jamaica, he gave no such call to stamp out racism nor modern day slavery. The United Kingdom has operated private prisons since the 1990s when USA Inc with the Clintons at the helm started ramping up mass incarceration policies.

A bill was recently introduced in Congress to abolish private prisons and jails in the USA. The UK has made no such moves to end legalized human trafficking under the guise of criminal justice. David Cameron and others pay lip service to the legacy of slavery and human trafficking but fall short when called on to make restitution.

Liberian leaders proclaim financial woes after the Ebola Outbreak and say it may take two years for the African nation to recover economically. Perhaps if the Liberian government did not give away its natural resources to Europeans two years ago they would not be talking about how poor they are today. More self-inflicted wounds.

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is reportedly set to appear on Rev. Al Sharpton’s new Sunday morning cable program where it is being said she will make an attempt to court the Black voting bloc.

Abolish Private Prisons #JusticeIsNotForSale

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