Tanya Free & Friends – Here we go again with another random mass shooting

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Here we go again with another random mass shooting, leaving ten dead and seven injured in Oregon. The media and politicians continue to pacify us tossing around the need for more mental health services. Oregon recently passed a bill requiring criminal background checks. Are we ready to talk about waiting periods, gun registrations, banning of assault rifles, state-run gun sales and psychological testing? In the meantime, should we all be armed? Is the NRA right? Let’s talk about it.

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One Reply to “Tanya Free & Friends – Here we go again with another random mass shooting”

  1. Thanks to the government for passing bill for criminal background checks. The same should be done in all other states to reduce the crime level significantly. People having felonies in their background should not be allowed to possess any firearms. As the gun law is not strict, even the teens are possessing guns without any reasons. And there is hardly any restriction in it. A thorough background check by the help of a trusted background checking company will give the accurate reports so that necessary action can be taken for the betterment of the society.

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