Black Talk Radio News – Dancing for Black Lives & John Lewis endorses private prison candidate Clinton

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Today our guest speaker will be Mia Shante’ who is a dancer, personal trainer and booking agent. Recently Ms. Shante’ produced and directed a performance piece in support of Black Lives. The video is titled “Old Fight. New Dance: Black Lives Matter” and set to Michael Jackson’s track “They Don’t Care About Us”. We will discuss her inspiration to create the performance and get her thoughts on the terrorism Black people face today in USA Inc.

Old Fight. New Dance: Black Lives Matter from Mia Shanté on Vimeo.

In the news…

Georgia Representative John Lewis unsurprisingly has come out with an official endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Democrat’s presidential nomination. Lewis has always been a long time supporter and Congressional ally of the Clintons even when they were pushing and passing legislation he voted for that ramped up modern slavery operations against primarily black people. He originally endorsed Clinton in 2007 before jumping on the Obama bandwagon. What are your thoughts on this endorsement from Lewis of the private prison candidate Hillary Clinton?

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, it is being reported that she will be meeting with some BLM activist. My only questions is why? This woman along with her husband Bill Clinton have so much black blood on their hands they can never be trusted. Besides the mass incarceration policies they pushed in the 80s and 90s, not very long ago as Sec of State, Hillary Clinton helped destroy one of the most prosperous African nations on the continent and laughed and giggled at hearing the news of the murder of the Libyan Prime Minister. Clinton and the Obama administration then stood by while their Arab proxies in Libya hunted down and murdered Black Africans in Libya.

It should be clear to everyone that Black Lives Don’t Matter to Hillary Clinton.

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